Katy Perry wrote ‘I Kissed A Girl’ about her

ASK ANYONE when they first heard about Katy Perry and most would agree it was when she released her huge 2008 hit I Kissed A Girl.

For years, people have speculated who the song, which alludes to Perry kissing a girl and liking it, was about.

The singer has previously said everything from Scarlett Johansson to Angelina Jolie’s lips inspired the catchy tune but now Miley Cyrus is claiming the song was written about her.

In an interview with WKTU radio station, the Malibu singer claims Perry’s colossal hit was written about a kiss the two shared almost 10 years ago, when Cyrus was 15.

When the hosts asked Cyrus if any of her friends had congratulated her on the success of her new song Malibu, the singer brought up Perry.

“Katy Perry and I have been friends for a long time. We were actually just realising that next year we’ve been friends for 10 years. I think she’s my friend who I’ve known the longest which is really, really cool,” she told the station.

“Cause when she came out with I Kissed A Girl I was doing the Hannah Montana movie and I heard her on the radio and they said ‘Who’d you write that about?’ and she said me. And I was on a four-wheeler at the time and I heard it and I started screaming and freaking out and then she asked me to go to the MTV VMAs with her,” she told the radio station.

“And she took me but my mum didn’t want me to go by myself, stranger danger, so my mum went with me in the limo with Katy Perry. And my mum didn’t really get the joke. She just thought it was cool that I got to go with Katy Perry, so yeah that’s how we met,” she added.

In a 2009 interview withQ Magazine, Perry told the publication the lyrics were inspired by her friendship with a girl as a teenager.

“I did kiss her. I was totally obsessed with her. She was beautiful — porcelain skin, perfect lips,” she said.

Whether or not she was referring to Cyrus was unconfirmed.