Life after he cheated on her with her best friend

WHEN Shania Twain married the ex-husband of her own ex-husband’s mistress (and former friend), she had well and truly won the breakup game.

But clearly the Canadian singer wasn’t quite done and, in her first music video in 15 years, Twain has again taken aim at her ex, quite literally dropping him from her life.

The video for Shania Twain’s brand new single Life’s About To Get Good, features the singer fixing her life after her very painful and public breakup from Robert Lange, her husband of 14 years.

In the admittedly very cheesy music video, Twain holds a pamphlet that translates to “Cured Heart” with the slogan “Open at your own risk”.

When Twain decides to open it, she sees a beautiful island pool with a man telling her “Changing your life starts from within”.

Before long, the singer’s house is flooded with a bunch of workers ready to revitalise her life — and fix her broken heart.

A worker then hands her a picture of her and Lange and, after a longing stare, she flips the frame upside-down and drops her ex out of the picture.

The video also features some of Twain’s beloved outfits from her music videos for the 1997 album Come On Over, which is still one of the best-selling records of all time.

Twain shows off her flawless figure in the same black corset and black top hat she wore for her 1997 single Man, I Feel Like A Woman, over 20 years since the iconic video was released.