Tiny Dancer has just been released

It was the song of a generation more than once.

In 1971 Elton John released Tiny Dancer and it became an unofficial anthem for the 70s. Then in 2000 when the hit film Almost Famous featured the song in a key scene a new generation took it as their own. Now 2017 looks set to see another generation embrace the immortal song thanks to YouTube.

The company has teamed up with Elton John to create the song’s first film clip, 46 years after the song was released.

For a clip 46 years in the making it better be good. There are a few famous faces in there, see if you can pick them out.

The lengthy livestream is taking place at Witness Worldwide Headquarters, a house specifically made for the promotional event. The whole event is a lead up to a free concert on Monday in LA for 1000 of her lucky fans.

She’s staying in the house with her team (make-up artist, assistants, pets) and has also been visited by numerous celebrity guests including Gordon Ramsey.

Most recently, the livestream featured Perry sitting down to Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh, a celebrity psychologist who hosts Viceland’s The Therapist.